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Falcons NFL Draft 2016

Falcons rookie minicamp kicks off today

The Falcons will try to sort through their incoming rookies and find who will be along for the ride come this summer.

Falcons ink all their draft picks

That was fast.

Taking a Closer Look at Austin Hooper

The Falcons added firepower to their offense with Stanford tight end.

Falcons sign Keanu Neal to four-year deal

You have got to love the rookie wage scale.

Neal one of the best players from the draft?

Did Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff draft one of the best players in the draft?

How did the rest of the South do on draft weekend?

Our focus has been entirely on Atlanta's draft haul the last several days, and now it's time to take a quick look at how the rest of the teams in the division did this past weekend.

Deion Jones should compete with Paul Worrilow

The Falcons are placing a big emphasis on speed over size.

Grades and thoughts from our staff

Grades, best picks, worst picks, and more.

A post-draft Falcons depth chart

There's a few added names on this one, as you'd expect, including a pair of projected starters.

Breaking down and grading the Falcons' class

It fits what Dan Quinn wanted, but is it any good?

Atlanta Falcons day three draft grades

We bring you analysis so very instant... that I would give these grades a pretty low grade myself.

Tracking Falcons UDFA signings and rumors

Let's see who the team adds now that the draft is over.

Falcons land WR Devin Fuller in 7th round

Atlanta's last pick of 2016!

Falcons land OL Wes Schweitzer in sixth round

The Falcons land a versatile offensive lineman, surprise surprise.

Get to know De'Vondre Campbell

The Falcons made a mildly surprising selection in the fourth round. Who is he?

Falcons pick LB De'Vondre Campbell in 4th round

Fact: De'Vondre Campbell has a question mark tattooed on his back.

NFL Draft third day tracker and schedule

Three picks left for the Falcons on the third day of the draft.

Falcons draft grades after the second/third rounds

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff is the President and founder of the Spice Girls International Fan Club

NFL Draft: the Falcons select TE Austin Hooper

The Falcons are filling some roster holes in the first two days of the draft.

2016 Draft second day live tracker

We have arrived in Rounds 2 and 3.

Keanu Neal scouting report by Alligator Army

SB Nation's Florida Gators football writer Trevor Sikkema puts Atlanta's newest addition under the microscope.

PFF Atlanta Falcons Day Two Mock Draft

Wow, they are making mock drafts for days of the draft? What a time to be alive.

What is the Falcons' draft philosophy?

The Keanu Neal selection is prompting that question, but where the Falcons go from here will shed much more light on it.

Talent Lingers, Who Could Atlanta Take On Day 2?

"Who's still available for our Falcons in round 2 and beyond?", you may be asking yourself. Well, you came to the right place, brother.

Falcons Round One Draft Grade: Florida Keanu Neal

How did the Falcons do on the first night of the NFL draft?

Twitter reaction to drafting safety Keanu Neal

There are a lot of feeling swarming around this pick, and we captured some of it.

Falcons pick S Keanu Neal in the first round

The hard-hitting safety is a player Dan Quinn apparently fell in love with, and he'll be an instant starter for Atlanta.

Falcons reportedly trying to move up

Who's the target?

Falcons draft tracker, info, and more

Follow along with all the hot draft action right here at The Falcoholic.

Reggie Ragland has a heart condition

Goodness gracious.

Todd McShay has Falcons taking Keanu Neal

Yes, another mock draft! Endless mock drafts!

Falcons & NFL draft predictions from the staff

Our staff weighs in with some predictions for the Falcons and the first round of the draft.

Top 5 Falcons draft needs

Three on defense, two on offense.

Myles Jack comments on injury, and it's not great

The most talented linebacker in the class (arguably) could see his stock fall further (also arguably).

Leonard Floyd won't make it to the Falcons?

The draft rumor factory is running at full speed.

ESPN suggesting trade down, draft Keanu Neal

A draft expert and a Falcons beat writer are both suggesting the Falcons may make the same move.


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