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Atlanta Falcons NFL Draft 2013

Polling the Trufant Pick

Fact: Desmond Trufant isn't Tyler Eifert, not at all

Complete Falcons Draft Order

Just in case you've forgotten.

Top 5 Falcon Needs Heading Into The Draft

The five needs the Falcons must fill going forward.

Falcons high on Jordan, Milliner

Fact: Dave's high on something, and it's not Dion Jordan or Dee Milliner

Examining Kiper's picks for Atlanta

Falcons Mulling Moving Up In The First Round?

According to reports, the Falcons may be moving up in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft after all.

USC, Oklahoma The Falcons' Most Drafted Schools

The schools that the Falcons have gone to again and again to pick up draft prospects.

NFL Draft: Jamar Taylor, Top-Tier Cornerback?

A in-depth look at CB Jamar Taylor, who could be on Atlanta's radar as early as the first round.

To Draft On The OL, Or Not To Draft

The answer is yes, but to what degree?

Trade Up? Trade Down? Stay Put?

The Falcons could do one of many things with their first round pick. What should they do with it?

NFL Draft: Falcons Picks Sure To Cause Anger

We all have inner demons we must confront. Some of us must do so sooner than others.

Falcons Working Out Edmund Kugblia

Fact: this dude's name is cooler than Matt Ryan's urine sample

History of pick No. 30

Defense hasn't been a priority at pick No. 30 overall throughout NFL Draft history.

Sign of the Apocalypse: Falcons Draft a Tight End

Fact: what follows is a completely satire-filled, nonsensical joke; if you take it seriously, then whatever you say in response will be one of the most insanely idiotic things anyone has ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response will you even be close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this thread will be dumber for having read it. I will award you no points, and may Visnu have mercy on your soul.

The Falcons Were Always Going to Draft a Tight End

Fact: Thomas Dimitroff's hair gel costs $457,000 a tube

Draft Preview: Johnthan Banks, "Plan B" At Corner?

They find new ways of spelling "Johnathan" every day. But this one has found a great way to play cornerback.

Falcons West Coast workouts

The higher-ups in the Falcons organization are scouting the talent on the West Coast. Who have they worked out recently?

Why I Picked Tank Carradine In The SBN Mock Draft

Dave Choate explains why he picked Tank Carradine in the Mocking the Draft annual SBN draft.

Draft: Cornelius Washington Works Out For Falcons

The senior out of UGA will make his way to Flowery Branch today to show Atlanta's front office what he's got.

Drafting BPA, Defense-Style

Why the Falcons should be targeting the best defensive players available.

The NFL Draft Is Nearly Here

It's about that time.

The Falcons Will Draft A Corner

Why the Falcons will be looking to the draft for help with their hole at cornerback.

2013 NFL Combine Linebacker Measurements

NFL Combine Measurements: Wide Receiver Edition

NFL Combine 2013 Quarterback Measurements

NFL Combine 2013 Offensive Line Weigh-Ins

The heaviest guys at the Combine have weighed in.

2013 NFL Combine News And Notes, Day Two

News and notes from around the network, all discussing the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine.

Three Down Montee: Why 62 Ball Is The Right Call

The Falcons will most definitely need a running back in some form or fashion this offseason. Here's why Montee Ball, the all-time NCAA rushing touchdown leader, is the right choice for the Falcons.

The Worst Position For The Falcons In NFL Draft

A thought exercise for draft-hungry Falcons fans.

The NFL Combine Is This Week

Starting Wednesday, NFL prospects will go through a host of drills.

Draft Spotlight: Sam Montgomery, first-round pick?

Most would agree that the Falcons biggest area of need this offseason, whichever position that may be, is somewhere on defense. And so we have Sam Montgomery, a first-round talent defensive end that could fall to the Falcons. But is he a good fit?

Linebacker Prospect Alec Ogletree Gets DUI

The Georgia inside linebacker fell into a classic pre-draft trap.

Built to Win Part 1: The Front Office

This series will examine the various pieces needed to assemble an NFL team that is built to win.

Thomas Dimitroff is a Saavy Drafter

Fact: if Dimitroff's career as a general manager doesn't work out, he will make a fortune selling hair products

The Falcons Don't Need Another Right Guard

Why the Falcons should not invest a draft pick in another guard.

Could Tyler Eifert be Tony Gonzalez's successor?

There are a number of schools notably adept at producing NFL-caliber tight ends, but the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have to sit at the top of that list.


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