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NFL Aftermath

NFC South Week 10 Report

This was a happy week for the NFC South, as everybody got a win during Week 10’s slate of games.

NFC South Week 9 Report

There were only two games in the NFC South this week, but they were both meaningful.

Sarkisian’s misuse of Tevin Coleman is inexcusable

Coleman’s nonsensical usage is a symptom of a larger problem: Sark still doesn’t understand his personnel.

NFC South Week 8 Report

We check in on the standings and how the NFC South fared during their Week 8 games.

NFC South Week 7 Report

The division struggled this week as the teams went a combined 1-3, and the Saints have made a resurgence.

Observations from Falcons vs. Patriots

There’s no sugarcoating this disgusting performance by Atlanta. Here are some in-depth thoughts on the game.

Observations from Falcons vs. Dolphins

The Falcons lost in embarrassing fashion to the worst offense in the NFL on Sunday. Here are some thoughts on the game.

NFC South Week 5 Report

Two NFC South teams were on bye this week, but we check in on how the remaining two fared in Week 5.

NFC South Week 4 Report

A crazy and eventful Week 4 has come and gone. Let’s check out how the rest of the NFC South fared.

Observations from Falcons vs. Bills

After re-watching #BUFvsATL (with some difficulty), here are some in-depth thoughts on the Falcons first loss of 2017.

NFC South Week 3 Report

Let’s check in on the NFC South after Week 3. Spoiler alert: the other three teams are all bad.

NFC South Week 2 Report

It’s time to check in on the state of the NFC South after the conclusion of Week 2.

Observations from Falcons vs. Packers

After re-watching the game, here are some in-depth thoughts on the Falcons 34-23 victory over the Packers.

NFC South Week 1 Report

Let’s check in on how the rest of the NFC South fared throughout Week 1. Spoiler alert: the Saints lost.

Here’s Brooks Reed’s game-saving sack against the Bears

The defensive play of the game, at least.

Falcons 23, Bears 17: Brooks Reed saves the day as Falcons move to 1-0

This game against professional giraffe Mike Glennon was way, way, way, way closer than any of us wanted. Falcons are now undefeated.