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Falcons training camp 2016

The Falcoholic's complete coverage for the Atlanta Falcons Xfinity training camp in 2016.

Falcons training camp is over, so bring on the season

If you didn’t make it to Falcons training camp...sorry, you’ll have to wait until next year.

Falcons training camp tracker, 8/16

Follow along with the Falcons training camp action here.

Falcons training camp tracker, 8/15

What you should know about today’s training camp session.

Who is on the bubble at defensive end for the Falcons?

We take a closer look at who is on the roster fringe.

Falcons welcome back two injured players Sunday

It’s good news for the team.

The Falcons are back to training camp today

Follow along with our daily tracker.

Falcons bubble watch: Updating the fringe after Game 1 of preseason

Let’s see who is lingering on the edge of the roster after the first preseason game.

Falcons work out QB Seth Lobato

He’d be depth for the rest of training camp and preseason, more than likely.

Keanu Neal could be back at practice this weekend

We’d welcome the first round safety back with open arms, of course.

PODCAST: Talking Falcons, the NFL with Chris Wesseling and Raekwon Gilbert

Tune in for a lot of cool stuff this week.

Falcons training camp practice is closed today

Just a day to go until preseason begins in earnest.

Falcons training camp tracker, 8/9

What should you look for in today’s training camp?

Keanu Neal injury news and more from Falcons camp

Thankfully, Neal isn’t dealing with a major issue.

Alex Mack is not on the bubble, but two other centers are

Atlanta’s got a shiny new starter at center, but who is the backup?

Falcons training camp tracker, 8/8

Another day, another round of Falcons practices.

Falcons bubble watch: Guard is crowded and unsettled

Who’s going to win a guard job? Insert your shrug emoji here.

Falcons training camp tracker and what to watch, 8/7

You’ll want to keep up with practice today.

Falcons bubble watch: Tackle is pretty settled

One of the most settled positions on the Falcons roster, tackle has two top-flight starters, a capable backup, and one small question mark.

Falcons Friday Night Lights notes: Young players stand out

With help from those attending, we compile some observations from last night’s scrimmage.

Falcons great Roddy White answered your questions

Just a couple of them, mind you, but very cool.

Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant only out until Sunday

He has a minor hip injury

Falcons bubble watch: Tight end

Atlanta’s got the top two spots settled at tight end, but there’s a little intrigue for the likely third slot.

Falcons Friday Night Lights scrimmage kicks off at 6 p.m.

It’ll be worth tracking.

The Falcons have a lot of receivers, and most are on the bubble

Only Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Justin Hardy are truly safe.

Falcons training camp tracker, 8/3

Training camp, training camp, training camp.

Falcons land veteran pass rusher Dwight Freeney

He's still good at getting after the quarterback, even though he's 36 years old.

Listen to the Falcoholic/FalcFans podcast talk training camp

There’s a ton of ground to cover!

Three things the Falcons will plan for ahead of the first preseason game

Most of them have to do with where and when guys will play.

There are three Falcons running backs on the bubble

Hint: They’re not named Devonta Freeman or Tevin Coleman.

Is Paul Worrilow moving to a new position?

Maybe not, but he got some time on the weakside on Sunday.

Notes from the first four days of Falcons training camp

There’s a lot happening, so get caught up.

Falcons on the bubble: Quarterback

There’s four players on the bubble.

Falcons training camp tracker for 7/31

Join us to talk Falcons training camp. Again. And again.

Welcome to the third day of Falcons training camp

Follow along with our updates from camp.

Falcons sign undrafted free agent wide receiver Chris King

He will compete for a roster spot, but it’ll be an uphill battle.

Putting the right amount of stock in Falcons training camp

Don’t worry too much about a bad day for the offense. Do worry about a bad couple of weeks.


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