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Tracking Atlanta Falcons training camp and breaking down what we've learned through four days

We're on to the fifth day of Atlanta Falcons training camp.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We're heading into the fifth day of Falcons training camp, and we're starting to learn a few things about this team we didn't know during those interminable months from May to July. I won't touch on the roster bubble, because I put together an update yesterday, but here's a few key takeaways at the moment.

  • Ricardo Allen remains in the driver's seat for the free safety job. Charles Godfrey appears to be currently stuffed in the trunk for this particular roster battle, which means the athletic, young former cornerback has the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • This offensive line looks like it's coming together a little bit, but not in exactly the way we anticipated. Mike Person has been running ahead of Chris Chester thus far at left guard, which is surprising, even though there's time for that to change. The other four starters seem to be rounding into health and look strong in the limited view we've gotten at camp, but the depth is still a major concern for this team right now.
  • The best position battle on the roster is going to be running back, where Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman have been splitting opportunities thus far. Neither one has an obvious advantage at the moment, though I imagine Coleman's fit in this offense will win the day before all is said and done. Also worth watching closely: Roddy White vs. Leonard Hankerson for the #2 receiver gig.

    Don't sleep on Terron Ward, either. The rookie running back has been really impressive early in practice, and may latch on to a practice squad spot if he keeps it up.
  • The secondary looks terrific, in general. William Moore should be great at strong safety as usual, but the top four options at cornerback have all shone in practice thus far, and if Alford turns the corner this year the corners are going to be an intimidating bunch.
  • Dan Quinn is fired up! FIRED UP!
We'd love to hear your observations and thoughts in the comments. Follow along live with the fifth day of Falcons training camp below.