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Falcons Super Bowl 2017

The gathering place for all Falcons Super Bowl LI stories.

Falcons vs. Patriots Super Bowl: Biggest storylines

A list of the biggest storylines heading into Sunday. The superstar quarterbacks, Julio Jones, and secondary is featured.

Super Bowl 51: Falcons vs. Patriots channel, schedule, odds, and more

It is nearly time for the Falcons to play for a championship.

Alex Mack injury: Dan Quinn admits to concern with center’s status, but he should play

If Quinn worries, we worries. Just not too much.

Super Bowl 51: Share your best recipes with fellow Falcons fans

What’s your specialty?

Falcons offense vs Patriots defense: who wins?

The top scoring offense vs the top scoring defense is a perfect Super Bowl match up.

What will you do if the Falcons win Super Bowl LI?

Everyone’s got their own answer.

Super Bowl 2017: Stopping the Falcons won’t be easy

In fact, it’s insanely difficult.

The Falcoholic Podcast Episode 16: Previewing the Falcons vs Patriots Super Bowl

Brady vs. Ryan. Finally.

Why the Atlanta Falcons will win the Super Bowl

We believe. We really believe.

The defensive tackles could be the unsung heroes of the Falcons defense

Defensive tackle is widely considered to be the weakest position on the roster, but the emergence of several players during the playoffs has given this unit new life.

Mike Vick expresses love and support for Atlanta and the Falcons in open letter

It feels like a lifetime since Mike Vick was last Atlanta’s starting quarterback.

How Dan Quinn & the FO transformed the Falcons in just two seasons

After suffering from countless disappointing losses and several roadblocks, the Atlanta Falcons are one game away from winning their first Super Bowl. How did a team without an identity two years ago manage to rebuild so quickly?

Super Bowl 51 odds: Falcons remain 3 point underdogs against Patriots

It’s going to be close, as Vegas says.

Falcons defense wants this win for Dwight Freeney

Fact: Dwight Freeney occasionally puts an “i” after an “e,” particularly after “c”

Devonta Freeman, agent make case for “elite” payday less than a week before the Super Bowl

The timing isn’t ideal, but he’s not wrong about the case.

The Falcons have the opportunity to dispatch three great quarterbacks this postseason

Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers...and Tom Brady?

Super Bowl LI predictions: SB Nation goes for the Falcons

It’s a sign that not everyone is in Bill Belichick’s thrall.

For the Falcons, the task at hand is staying focused

It’s a tall order, but one Dan Quinn and company are up to.

How Dan Quinn’s coaching path led him to the Falcons

The Falcons’ second year coach has the team in the Super Bowl, and here’s how he got here.

On Expectations, Success, and the Future

The Falcons have made franchise history on the back of a magical season. How did we get here, and where can we go in the future?

Why Dan Quinn’s success is no fluke

Coaching matters.

Jonathan Babineaux, Matt Ryan among long-tenured Falcons going to first Super Bowl

It’s a short list of Falcons who have played here more than five years, but every one of them is extremely deserving of a Super Bowl ring.

The Falcons have overcome significant injuries to get to Super Bowl 51

Congratulations, Falcons.

Featured Fanshot

Falcons Super Bowl pep rally at city hall

The city of Atlanta sent off the Atlanta Falcons in style with a big pep rally at city hall. Atlanta is definitely behind their football team before their Super Bowl battle against the New England Patriots.

Matt Bryant happy to miss Pro Bowl to play in Super Bowl 51 instead

Of course he is.

Who will be the unlikely hero of Super Bowl LI?

Food for thought.

Reminder: Bill Belichick told Thomas Dimitroff not to make the Julio Jones trade

Let’s take a fun trip down memory lane.

Pre-Super Bowl sacrifice: the lake of fire burns for good luck

You have to make sacrifices to get to the Super Bowl.

Why ‘Hamilton’ is the perfect soundtrack for Falcons vs. Patriots

Wait for it...

numberFire: Falcons defense making major strides

This defense is, by at least a few measures, taking steps forward. Let’s hope it continues against the Patriots.

Official who famously missed Sherman’s DPI tabbed as Super Bowl backjudge

Fact: Richard Sherman’s nickname in elementary school was Grabby McGrabsalot

Inside the NFL will feature a Super Bowl preview, chat with Dan Quinn tonight

You’ll want to watch.

Super Bowl LI prop bets: Everything from MVP to Lady Gaga’s belly button

You can bet on just about anything related to the big game.

The Falcoholic Podcast Episode 15: Stomping the Packers to get to the Super Bowl

Talking about the Falcons is so much fun when they keep on winning.

The Falcons are the first Super Bowl team since 1981 to start three rookies on defense

It’s pretty incredible that the Falcons have been as successful as they have on defense, particularly in the postseason.

Falcons forego white jerseys for Super Bowl

Fact: Arthur Blank once taught a schitzu how to bark in Portuguese


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