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2022 Falcons - Saints Week 1 Coverage

Falcons Week 1 discussion with Mike Rothstein: The Falcoholic Live, Ep210

Join hosts Kevin Knight, Adnan Ikic, and special guest Mike Rothstein on The Falcoholic Live at 8 PM ET as they discuss the Falcons season-opening Week 1 loss to the Saints, with plenty of time spent on the good and the bad.

Falcons film review, Week 1: Anatomy of a collapse against the Saints

Host Kevin Knight is here to bring you the first Falcons Film Review of the 2022 NFL season, as he breaks down the plays and schematic decisions that led to Atlanta’s late collapse against the rival New Orleans Saints.

3 Up, 3 Down: A lot of good and a lot of bad

The team shares the credit and the blame, but we’re here to be a bit more specific than that.

Falcons - Saints recap: Atlanta’s latest ‘yes, but’ loss is a crushing one

Not again.

Falcons - Saints: 7 Takeaways from a gut-punching loss

Falcons football is back...yay?

Falcons vs Saints Week 1 Postgame Show: The Falcoholic Live

Join the crew of The Falcoholic Live as they attempt to decipher another embarrassing blown lead by the Falcons, as Atlanta fell 27-26 to New Orleans after a 16-point lead disappeared.

Falcons - Saints instant recap: Atlanta puts us back on the roller coaster from hell

The Falcons built up a big lead, looked great, and then frittered away the game in all-too-familiar fashion.

Falcons - Saints Week 1 open thread

Go, Falcons, go!

Falcons fantasy preview for Week 1 against the Saints

Who should you start? Who should you bench?

Falcons flex TE Anthony Firkser to active roster for Sunday, cut DL Abdullah Anderson

Atlanta adds tight end depth to the roster and makes a move to clear a roster spot.

Interview with the Enemy: 5 Questions with Canal Street Chronicles

There are plenty of interesting questions surrounding the Falcons opening matchup with the Saints, and we’ve enlisted the help of Canal Street Chronicles’ Tina Howell to provide some insight into the state of the team in Week 1.

Falcons vs. Saints: a look at the series history going into 2022

The Falcons continue to maintain a slight head to head advantage

Intriguing players to watch in Falcons vs. Saints

Who are the most interesting Falcons on this opening Sunday?

Falcons offense vs. Saints defense: Who triumphs?

Atlanta will be hoping to blow the doors off the New Orleans defense, but the lines could be trouble spots.

Battle in the trenches vs. Saints will predict Falcons 2022 season outlook

Atlanta’s initial showing against New Orleans will set the tone for what’s ahead.

Falcons vs Saints Week 1 Game Preview with Allen Strk: The Falcoholic Podcast

Join hosts Kevin Knight and Allen Strk as they bring you an in-depth preview of the Falcons Week 1 matchup against the rival Saints, including an injury update and top matchups to watch on offense and defense.

Falcons defense vs. Saints offense: Who wins the battle?

Atlanta’s new-look defense faces off against a hated Saints offense with Jameis Winston back at the helm.

This week’s big question: What does Atlanta’s offense look like without Matt Ryan? 

After 14 seasons, a different quarterback leads the Falcons.

Falcons season preview & final predictions with Dave Choate: The Falcoholic Live, Ep209

Join hosts Kevin Knight, Adnan Ikic, and special guest Dave Choate on The Falcoholic Live at 8 PM ET as they discuss the Falcons recent roster and IR moves, preview the 2022 NFL season, and give their final predictions for Atlanta’s record.

It’s hate week, so it’s time to remember why we hate the Saints

We really hate the Saints.

Falcons open as 5.5-point underdogs at home against hated Saints

An expected opening line for the Falcons, a team with lots to prove.

What to know about Falcons - Saints ahead of Week 1

Here’s where the two teams stand and what’s ahead.

Drew Dalman will start at center for Falcons

Last year’s draft pick takes over the starting job after a summer-long competition.

Drake London ‘progressing’ and practicing, hopeful for Week 1 against Saints

The rookie receiver will be key to Atlanta’s success, so we have to hope he’s out there Week 1.

How the Saints have changed since the Falcons last saw them

New Orleans is as awful as ever, just in new ways.