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Falcons - Buccaneers Week 6 Coverage

If you could take one Buccaneer, who are you adding to the Falcons?

Options abound on offense, and are...more limited on defense.

Falcons vs. Buccaneers odds: Atlanta’s the favorite at home in Week 6

Vegas thinks the Falcons can win, probably in a shootout

Falcons vs. Buccaneers: What you need to know to watch Week 6 action in the NFC South

It’s the 1-4 Falcons trying to claw their way back into the divisional race, starting with the 2-2 Buccaneers.

How every NFC South team but the Falcons fared in Week 5

The Falcons are the only NFC South team to lose in Week 5.

Is this Falcons season lost? Our roundtable weighs in

We’re not saying yes, but we’re suggesting you might not want to get your hopes up.

The Falcons are on pace to let Matt Ryan get sacked a career-high number of times

The most concerning issue on the other side of the ball has to be the offensive line.