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Introducing The Best Of Falcons FanPosts!

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

FanPosts have always been the lifeblood of this community, a place for you guys to expand on your thoughts regarding the Atlanta Falcons outside of the comments of tyrannical editors such as myself.

Since the changeover to the new format, I haven't done nearly as well at promoting your fine work in FanPosts as I used to. I'm aiming to change that now.

To encourage you all to write more FanPosts and harness the collective intelligence and hard work of all Falcoholics, I've created this group, which will remain in the river on the front of The Falcoholic for the rest of eternity. I'll be combing through the FanPosts and choosing one or two weekly to promote to the group. As we gear up for the draft, I'll also be looking to incorporate some of the best mocks and draft prospect profiles you all produce into our coverage, so stay tune dfor that.

Get out there and FanPost, and you may just find your way on the front page!