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Falcons - Ravens Week 13 Coverage

The Falcoholic Live: Ep62 - Week 13 Recap & Packers Preview

Join the crew at 8:10 PM ET for Episode 62 of The Falcoholic Live! We’ll be discussing the Week 13 loss to the Ravens, breaking down this week’s roster moves, and previewing Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Falcons vs. Ravens recap: December begins with Atlanta’s eighth, most boring loss

The Falcons haven’t been this bad in a while, and the end result is a largely boring, depressing product we’re going to be done with in a month.

The Falcoholic Live’s Ravens @ Falcons Postgame Special

The Falcons lost a thoroughly boring game to the Ravens, 26-16. Come talk about it with the crew of The Falcoholic Live, starting at 4:25 PM ET.

Falcons 16 - Ravens 26 final score: The Falcons are dead as a doornail and twice as listless

Atlanta loses at home to drop to 4-8, finally kill their playoff hopes for good and show us just how far they’ve fallen.

Falcons vs. Ravens: Key information, open thread and tracker for Week 13

The Falcons are home and hoping to win today against an AFC opponent.

In lieu of Atlanta Falcons predictions, please send flowers

We’re all tired.

Where the Atlanta Falcons stand heading into Week 13 against the Ravens

Stumbling, fumbling, yet ever hopeful.

Overlooking Matt Ryan’s MVP-caliber 2018 would be a shame

Guest analyst Ryan Michael takes us through just how good Matt Ryan has been this year, and how little it will likely matter when the MVP voting comes around.

What a win or a loss against the Ravens would mean for the Falcons

A loss is arguably more impactful than a win at this point.

Falcons can find value in a lost 2018 season

Despite the Falcons being all but mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, there is plenty to gain from a lost 2018 season. Atlanta can evaluate their young players through the final five games, and will have an opportunity to reload with high draft picks in 2019.

Ravens vs. Falcons: How the game will be won or lost

Can the Falcons salvage something from what has become a lost season?

Falcons vs. Ravens: Channel, announcers, schedule, odds and more for Week 13

Can the 4-7 Falcons rebound against a tough team at home? We’ll find out in a couple of days.

Falcons offense vs Ravens defense: How do they stack up?

It’s about damn time to bounce back for these Atlanta Falcons.

Lamar Jackson will start for the Ravens, and the Falcons will have to be ready

Atlanta has not had to face a quarterback who can run like Jackson, and that suggests problems.

The Falcoholic Live: Ep61 - Week 12 Recap & Ravens Preview

Join the crew of The Falcoholic Live at 8:10 PM ET as they break down what went wrong in the Saints game, give an injury and roster moves update, and preview Sunday’s matchup with the Ravens.

If you could sign one Ravens free agent this spring, who would it be?

There’s a handful of worthy choices.

Falcons vs. Ravens: Atlanta is a home underdog in the Bird Bowl

It’s fair, given everything.

Deion Jones’ “excellent day” might get him back for Week 13

We’ve been burned before, but here we are.

Looking back at Matt Ryan versus Joe Flacco, more than a decade later

It’s easy to forget that the Falcons could have very well ended up with Flacco.

Falcons vs. Ravens: Will Lamar Jackson or Joe Flacco start against Atlanta?

Jackson is the future, but is the future starting right now?

Falcons vs. Ravens: What you need to know to watch Week 13, if that’s still your thing

The Falcons get a Baltimore team that may be righting the ship. Excellent timing, Baltimore.