Live Mock Draft

Pittsblitz56 from over at Behind The Steel Curtain

What's going on Dirty Bird Nation? I'm reaching out in an effort to try and acquire an Atlanta GM to participate in our annual Live Mock Draft. This draft has been going on for well over a decade now and was once held on the pages of SB Nation. Our draft moved to a private site due to the volume of comments and Vox trying to work out their new commenting system. Many of our members are still active in their respective communities and often share the results from the draft itself. We currently have 25 GMs in place to take part in the 3 day event.

The draft will be held on April 12th - 14th

Round 1 will be Friday Night at 8pm (Eastern) 5 minute for pick

Rounds 2- 4 will be held Saturday starting at 1pm (Eastern) 3 minute for pick

Rounds 5-7 will be held Sunday starting at 1pm (Eastern) 2 minute for pick

The draft consists of a commissioner, draft tracker, time keeper and all things associated

We allow trades - player(s) for pick(s) and pick(s) for pick(s)

If this is something you have interest in or you know of a draft head that would be, please leave a comment or send your fellow Atlanta fan in this direction. I will answer any and all questions involving this event or NFL related topics. I would really appreciate anyone that has ties to the front page to maybe get this bumped for a few days. I thank you for your time!

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