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A majority of Falcons fans approve of the Raheem Morris hire

Falcons fans don’t agree on much, but a majority does agree on this.

Atlanta Falcons v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2016 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Falcons fans disagree about a lot of things. But apparently most of us agree that Raheem Morris was the right head coach hire for the Falcons.

A whopping 63 percent of fans who responded to our Reacts survey this week approve of the hire.

That’s dang near two-thirds of respondents. And you can count me among them.

I had the opportunity to get to know Morris as a person and a coach during his previous stint in Atlanta. I think he has the acumen and personality traits to be a good head coach in this league.

It’s not really fair to look at his time in Tampa Bay as anything but a first effort at head coaching. Since that time, he’s been able to rack up experience not just as a defensive coordinator, but on the offensive side of the ball, too, with the Falcons. I think that well rounded experience in the game makes him better prepared to succeed as a head coach this time around.

Fans had lots to say about this question:

Nothing against Raheem, but my gut reaction is that this was NOT the right HC hire for the Falcons at this time. I was hoping for radical change, a new winning culture for the team, and early on that seemed to be what we'd see with either Bill or Jim. But instead we hire a guy who was interim HC just a few years ago - and back then the decision was to move on from him. What has changed that makes him not the right choice then but the right choice now? Not sure we'll ever know.
Going to LA and helping coach players up in a team that won a title?
Isn't that part of what we want to accomplish? Success on the field?
McVay was overlooked as a young HC coming from the Shanahan tree.
He's been nothing but successful out there with 2 NFC titles and 1 ring, and always competitive with younger players.
He fixed QB quickly, moving on from a 1st overall pick because he saw the need.
Hopefully RM knows what he wants to do at QB and how that can transform us quickly as well.
Everyone feeling a little better now that they've sobered up? I need Ripglide to tell me how this poll is lazy.
Raheem wasn't in my top three. But, he has had success as a head coach, with some failures, with over a decade since and success as a coordinator, running a Super Bowl winning D. Tomlin recently said he's the best coach in the NFL not currently in a head coaching position.
I would expect he's going to enlist an OC and DC who call plays, which a lot of people here claimed to have been looking for since our last two head coaches. He can focus on being the head coach and situational decisions.
I'm going to support this guy. Let's see what kind of maturity he's gained in the last 13 years. Using his interim period as some kind of litmus test is useless. He took over, in a forcibly unprepared fashion, to coach a team and culture that was someone else's vision.
C'mon guys.
I see A LOT of the downside on the hire being the fact that he was our interim coach, so be we didn't want to hire back then. So why hire him now.
Well, circumstances change. The context of each decision we make are based on how it presents to us during that specific time! Back then, we didn't want to have a continuation on what we had going on with DQ, which is understandable. We also wanted to hire an offensive guy, and on the hopes of mimiquing the Shanahan success after leaving the Falcons. It is a different situation now. We want an experienced leader of men.
Not only that, people change! The Raheem Morris of today is not the same he was back then.
What I am trying to say is that Raheem checks all the boxes the team was looking for. Not looking past the fact that he was not our choice back then is just too one dimensional!!
Just not the right hire for head coaching experience (losing record) or for coordinating prowess (won a ring with an all star team defense, has significantly regressed the last two years). better hope he nails his OC hires every two years in perpetuity…
I approve of it, but right now the main reason I do is because he's not Belichick. I'm pretty neutral on Raheem as the pick.
I would rather have had Harbaugh, but knew he wasn't coming here. Vrabel was my 2nd choice, but I read a report yesterday that he will make Arthur Smith part of his staff wherever he lands, so if he said that to the Falcons I'm sure it was a deal breaker on both sides.
But we got who we got, and I'll hope for the best.

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