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Falcons vs. Saints Week 18 open thread

This one could be for the division.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This should be the thrilling ending to a quality season for the Atlanta Falcons, but we’ll have to settle for “mathematically alive.” Either way, it’s still a battle with the team’s most hated rival with real stakes.

Win and you might be in the playoffs, assuming the Buccaneers lose. Lose and you’re eliminated at last from playoff contention, facing down another 7-10 season and left to brace for whatever comes next. There’s a pretty wide gulf between those two outcomes, but either way, Arthur Blank and company have a big decision to make with their coaching staff and the team must spend the upcoming offseason getting the quarterback position right after a couple of years of outright negligence. If it sounds like I’m already looking ahead to the offseason to some extent, well, it’s difficult not to.

Still, beating the Saints qualifies as a great Sunday, and I’m crossing my fingers for that outcome.

Use this as your open thread for the season finale, and one final time for this season, go Falcons!