2024 CAP Savings Info

Ok so, I put together a total CAP savings file which is based on pre-free agency numbers only. The whole idea for doing this is to look for ways to maximize our ability to be players from the beginning of free agency so nothing here pertains to post 6/1 transactions. It includes cuts, trades and possible savings from restructures and extensions.

I included everyone with savings of at least 1M (I grouped the barely over 1M rather than separately listing them) and no numbers or individuals represent my thinking we should cut or trade. I also did not include numbers where dead money was more than savings. This list simply gives the numbers and ability to run different scenarios in our heads as we begin to play the off-season GM.

With all the talk of trading for a QB and possibly including a player in the deal, no one should be off limits as possible trade compensation. This is just a complete list of all possible savings for the team. All numbers are taken from Over the CAP. I hope this copied over easy to read.

Atlanta Falcons
General Manager: Terry Fontenot
* 2024 Effective CAP: 20.051M
* Effective CAP is total of Top 51 Contracts + Cost of Rookie Class
CAP Savings Moves (Pre Free Agency)
Player Pos Age CAP# Cut DM / CS Trade DM / CS Restructure Extension CEnd/VYs
Jake Matthews OT 31 21.773M 9.526M 11.432M 2026 / 0
Chris Lindstrom G 26 18M 9.1M 9.1M 2028 / 0
Grady Jarrett DT 30 20.375M 8.25M / 12.125M 8.25M / 12.125M 7.52M 12.032M 2025 / 0
Jessie Bates S 26 17.5M 7.916M 9.5M 2026 / 0
Youngoe Koo PK 29 5.25M 1.916M 2.3M 2026 / 0
Kaleb McGary OT 28 12.5M 4M / 8.5M 4.687M 7.5M 2025 / 0
David Onymata DT 31 12.5M 3.645M 5.832M 2025 / 0
Kaden Elliss ILB 28 8.5M 2.642M 4.228M 2025 / 0
Kyle Pitts TE 23 10.471M 5.323M / 5.137M 3.274M 2024 / 0
Jonnu Smith TE 28 9M 2.5M / 6.5M 2.5M / 6.5M 4.232M 2024 / 0
Taylor Hieneke QB 30 9M 2M / 7M 2M / 7M 4.156M 2024 / 0
Drake London WR 22 5.873M 1.342M 2025 / 0
AJ Terrell CB 25 12.344M 0 / 12.344M 8.975M 2024 / 0
Lorenzo Carter OLB 28 4.75M 1M / 3.75M 1M / 3.75M 2.1M 2024 / 0
Mike Hughes CB 26 3.915M 750K / 3.165M 750K / 3.165M 1.156M 2024 / 0
Richie Grant S 26 2.63M 843K / 1.787M 843K / 1.787M
Dalman/Ogundeji/Graham/Togiai 1+M Each 1+M Each
TOTALS 13.343M / 34.327M 22.667M / 60.308M 46.952M 87.159M

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