Best week 1 game?

What do you guys and gals think is going to be the best week one game? I've been waiting all year to see the Falcons play, but if I'm being objective, I don't expect it to be the best game of the week.

I'm honestly stoked to see the Dolphins/Chargers game. It's not likely, but it's not also totally out of the question to see this as the prelude to the AFC Championship game. I know a lot would have to go right for these teams and wrong for some others for these two to see each other again during championship week, but these are two of the better teams in the AFC. Tua is absolutely one of the best QBs as long as he can stay healthy, and we all know Herbert is the man. I'm pulling for the Phins here, but they're on the road, and it's a long way from home.

Anyway, I think the Bills vs Jets could be good, as well as tonight's game between the Lions and Chiefs. And there will be good divisional games between hated rivals who are gonna beat the shit out of each other, no doubt.

Whatever happens, I'm just glad it's finally here baby!!!

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