Breaking Down Ridder's Sunday

I'm of the opinion that opinions about Desmond Ridder were set in stone over the winter when the "smart media" knew Atlanta needed to get Lamar Jackson, because Ridder was a "3rd rounder".

Look, Ridder is "mid." He's 14th in QBR and passer rating. He's not an MVP candidate. He's not a Pro Bowler. He's mid, which is fine in this offense. Anyhoo, I broke down Sunday's game by his plays.
+2 for elite plays
+1 for positive plays
0 for neutral plays
-1 for negative plays
-2 for cut that crap oiut

Drive One
Quick Screen +1
INT as he was hit -1

Drive Two
Short pass that was dropped 0
Threads needle to Smith +2
Overthrows Pitt -1
Pass to Smith +1
Scramble for 1st down +2
Nice pass to Pitts in stride +1
Pass to Robinson +1
9yd run +2
Overthrown pass to Pitts w/ PI 0
Smart throw away 0
Bad throw -1

Drive Three
Batted at LOS -1
4 yd run +1
London 22yd conversion +2
Stuffed short pass 0
Run +1
Should've been INT -2

Drive Four
Quick out +1
Slant +1
Short pass +1
QB Sneak failed 0
Pass to Smith +1
TD to London +2

Drive Five
INC but dropped 0
Incomplete -1
Drop 0
Near INT -2

Drive Six
Screen +1
Covered, thrown away 0
Hollins non-TD (good throw) +1
Sack (no time) 0

Drive Seven
Overthrow, but PI 0
Trick Play to Hollins, underthrown a bit +1
London Short +1
TD Run +2

Drive Eight
1st down scramble +1
Short to Robinson +1
Scramble for gain +1
Off target slant -1

Drive Nine
Pass to London +2
Smart Throw away 0
Short pass +1
Short pass +1
Run +1

For me, that's a plus 24 day. I think the non-interceptions were worse than the actual interception, given the difference between being drilled as you hit the ball and throwing to the wrong jersey. There were few missed targets and a few passes where he might have been able to spring his receivers a bit better, but the point of this offense is to stay "on schedule" with more 4 yard plays than 24 yard plays (though there's a place for the latter).

PFF has Ridder as one of the five worst QBs in the league.

I don't see it. He's decidedly average, but this offense was built for an average QB (with an average QB's salary).

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