4 Biggest takeaways for the Atlanta Falcons in week one win

Highlighting the significance of Jessie Bates' absence cannot be emphasized enough when analyzing how differently the game unfolded. While Atlanta's defense showed moments of strength, it encountered difficulties in generating consistent pass rush pressure. However, Bates mitigated this issue, contributing to three turnovers that ultimately translated into points on the scoreboard. Deservedly, he was named the player of the week after week one.

Bates is everything for Atlanta

It's not a stretch to argue that Carolina might have secured a victory without Bates and potentially dominated the game from the outset. His impact on the field was immense, particularly in his ability to cool down Bryce Young and induce moments of hesitation in the rookie quarterback, who initially settled into a rhythm.

In the 2023 off-season, Bates secured Atlanta's largest contract in free agency, and after just one game, it's evident that he's already proving his worth despite the substantial investment. His presence on the field was reminiscent of his time with the Bengals, where he played a pivotal role in making life easier for Joe Burrow and a Bengals team that clearly felt his absence in their recent matchup against the Browns. While there's still room for improvement for the defense as a whole, it's hard to imagine a more impressive debut for Bates than the one he just had.

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Desmond Ridder should be the team’s official quarterback

Arthur Smith must unleash Desmond Ridder as the team's true quarterback. In Sunday's game, Ridder seemed restricted, operating well below his potential. Despite early pass protection issues, the Falcons had the tools to secure victory more decisively.

Parting ways with Matt Ryan and Marcus Mariota in the offseason signaled a commitment to Ridder's development. Consequently, it's only fair to give him the chance to showcase his passing prowess. However, Ridder's performance on Sunday fell short, even compared to what Mariota did in the same offense last season.

While Ridder did connect with Kyle Pitts on a deep pass and protected the ball well, the issue remains. If a team invests in developing a quarterback and surrounds him with talent, he must consistently throw beyond the line of scrimmage. Over-reliance on checkdowns and screens exposes a team's vulnerability in the NFL. In week two, Arthur Smith faces a pivotal decision: allowing Ridder to consistently air it out and prove his leadership on the field.

Atlanta's pass rush and revamped defense came to life after a sluggish start.

Besides Jessie Bates' outstanding performance, the Atlanta Falcons' defense left a strong impression on Sunday. Last season, this unit struggled due to offensive pressure, allowing the Panthers to win games.

In the second half, the Falcons improved their pass rush and maintained disciplined coverage, preventing deep plays. While there were some tackling and early pass rush issues, holding the opponent to just ten points, especially when the offense struggled, was commendable.

As they head into week two, the question for the Falcons is whether they can consistently reproduce the late-game pass rush against Green Bay Packers. If they can, along with a healthier secondary performing at the same level, this defense's potential exceeds initial expectations for the season.

Grady Jarrett's interior presence and pass-rushing drew attention, and Lorenzo Carter, recently re-signed, secured a sack, with Jarrett and Troy Andersen combining for another. While there's room for improvement, it was an impressive start for the Atlanta defense.

More to come for Drake London and Kyle Pitts

The Falcons may have won this game, but their playing style raises concerns about sustainability unless Jessie Bates consistently generates three turnovers weekly. It's fair to question the game plan when your starting quarterback ends up with more receptions than Drake London.

Only Mack Hollins caught a pass, and Kyle Pitts, the sole non-running back to shine, had two catches for 44 yards and made the game's offensive highlight. Even if it means running another screen pass, it's crucial to get the ball into the hands of your young receiver at least once to see what he can do.

Desmond Ridder and Drake London had strong chemistry in the final four games of the previous season, making the current stat line even more surprising. As he did in this game and his rookie season with Matt Ryan, Pitts has shown that putting the ball near him can lead to big plays.

Ridder can make these throws, and Pitts has proven to be a reliable target when used consistently. Week one should be considered an exception, and both players, regardless of the quarterback, need to be consistently involved in the offensive game plan.

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