Week 2 Keys to Success

- Protect the QB

The Falcons did an overall bad job protecting Ridder this past week. Call it first game jitters, coaching, or execution. Whatever the cause was it must be addressed for week 2. The Packers had the 2nd best pressure rate week 1 behind the Cowboys. Block better and the pass game can ger going.

- Stop the Run

The Falcons run defense was solid, but leaky against the Panthers. The Packers have a much better OL. The Packers love to run the ball and have an elite RB in Aaron Jones. Jones has taken over games in the past and is a TD machine. With Rodgers gone he is the de facto player we need to focus on. Stopping Jones early will put more pressure on Love to win the game with his arm. It also will help us on 3rd downs by making 3rd down a longer distance. We can’t afford to be leaky against this team.

- Win Turnover Battle

Vegas has the spread on this game as basically even. The game, at least mathematically, will come down to a game changing play or two. The team that avoids turnovers and creates them for the opponent will likely win the game.

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