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Falcons vs. Dolphins: A love/hate relationship

Head down to the comments and tell us one thing you loved from this game, and one thing you hated.

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The Falcons’ first preseason game is behind us, and the team came away with a XXXXX. Many starters sat out, but we still saw some fun moments.

Today we’d like to know: What’s one thing you loved about Friday’s game? And what’s one thing you hated?

I kinda hated that so many starters sat, even though I certainly understand why. I’m just eager to get a look at this loaded offense. Though I will admit, if the starters had played and someone got injured, I would have been mad as hell that Arthur Smith didn’t sit them.

And I loved what we saw from the defense. Yes, it’s preseason. Yes, we should all take it with a grain of salt. But Ryan Nielsen’s squad managed to sack Miami’s quarterbacks five times, had eight tackles for loss, came away with three picks, and Arnold Ebiketie recovered a fumble. Breon Branch took his interception all the way to the end zone for a touchdown. If this is indicative of the style of play we’re going to see from the Falcons defense this season, I’m extremely into it.

Tell us what you think. What’s one thing you loved, and one thing you hated from Friday’s game?