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Falcons Reacts results: And the projected winner of the coveted WR5 spot is...

What do you think of the results? Weigh in via our comments section!

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Who’s excited to watch some preseason football this weekend? I know I am. Sure, it’ll be ugly at times, and we should temper our expectations and our reactions to what we see in the first week of the preseason, but it’s our first shot to see this 2023 team in action, and I can’t wait.

The depth chart is the most important thing to come out of preseason, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on position battles. That includes the heated battle for the WR5 spot on the depth chart. The Falcons have a handful of guys who could fill that role, and it remains to be seen who convinces the coaching staff that they’re the best fit. But that won’t stop us from having opinions.

This week, we asked you which player you think will make the final 53-man roster in that WR5 spot, and Frank Darby got the overwhelming majority of the vote with 58%.

Darby, entering his third season in Atlanta after being selected by the team in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, has a total of two receptions for 29 yards over his first two seasons in the NFL. But fans clearly still think he’s got the stuff to make this roster. Or, some fans do. Let’s go to the comments:

Went with Frank Darby, been putting in the work for a few years in the background. Also looking good this year in training camp.
It's a bit early but I'm riding with the "juice man" Frank Darby. Darby has evidently started to make plays after a couple of years of development. The only locks I see at WR are London, Hodge and Hollis. Coach has admitted he felt Hodge was under utilized in 2022 so I think his role increases. The 4th and 5th WRs better have special teams value and Darby has that as well as Ali. My five include Ali and Darby. If they keep 6 maybe Scotty Miller gets the nod. Not sure he has special teams value nor is he the clear leader for the slot.
He runs fast. Can he tackle? Can he block?
With the league’s best running attack, we have London, Hollins, Miller, CP, Pitts, Smith, and Bijan as very capable receiving threats when we do actually throw the ball…let’s hope it really doesn’t matter who WR5 is.
Why are some down on Scotty Miller? I see him above Hodge unless he’s regressed in speed. Assuming they stay with 5 receivers, it should be between Darby, Ali, Hart, or “X” (an unexpected PTBNL… released player). I think the player that ‘connects’ best with Ridder will be the winner. Period.
It all comes down to who adds more to teams and we have no idea who that is until we see some live action. I voted for Ali tho. Hart could sneak in there with his experience in the league.
Check back with me in three and a half weeks

Let us know what you think of the results in the comments, and if you have ideas for future survey questions during preseason, share those, too!

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