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Falcons set to wear red helmets 3 times in 2023

Good news for those who love the throwback helmets.

San Francisco 49ers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Falcons used to break out the red helmets at least once a year, but the NFL’s one shell rule effectively ended that practice after the 2012 season. Until last year, that is, when the rule was rescinded and the Falcons returned to their red helmet ways.

After breaking them out twice in the 2022 season, the team is doing so thrice this season, per...well, the Atlanta Falcons.

The first game will be at home against the Packers on September 17th for the second game of the season, which happens to be the second game in a row at home. Atlanta will have the chance to dispatch a Jordan Love-led Green Bay team to potentially start the season 2-0, if they can get by the new-look Panthers in Week 1.

The second red helmet game will be against the Commanders on October 15, another winnable game that serves as the second game in a homestand for Atlanta. With the Texans coming to town the week before, the Falcons once again will have a chance to build a home winning streak and do so in fashionable fashion.

The third and final time is the most critical one to win, as it’s on November 26 at home against the Saints. Beating the Saints is, as always, one of the team’s core priorities, especially when wearing the helmets they donned back when they used to dominate New Orleans in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

There’s no signal that the Falcons are considering any further, drastic changes to their uniforms or the adoption of the old school logo and helmets on a more permanent basis. It’s still going to be nice to see the classics on a handful of occasions in 2023, and we’ll hope they win all three games and make these something of a good luck charm.