2nd Round Draft Pick Matthew Bergeron: What to Expect

In the 2nd round of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons selected Matthew Bergeron, Left Tackle, Syracuse. After taking an RB at 8, I’m sure this pick made a lot of fans more upset. ‘We waste a pick on an RB?! Now we get a Left Tackle when we already have a starter?!’ I could feel the anger when the pick was made.

Bijan and Bergeron make sense with what Fontenot and Smith want to build though. Bergeron will most likely be filling in the open Left Guard spot that Smith and Fontenot have tried to fill since Jalen Mayfield’s back injury in 2021. Bijan is the Derrick Henry to Smith’s puzzle.

Matthew Bergeron is originally from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he played at Thetford Academy. Matthew was the first player in Thetford history to receive a Division I scholarship, per Syracuse University. Coming out, he was the No. 2 Overall prospect from Canada & No. 69 overall, according to ESPN. At Syracuse, Bergeron would earn Honorable mention and 2nd Team All-ACC honors.

What Matt Brings to the Falcons:

Watching the film on Bergeron I saw a very technical, well-rounded, offensive linemen. He has consistent, strong hands, along with sharp footwork in both run and pass protection. His intelligence oozes on film, as he can pick up stunts/twists with ease. He has quick movement skills, great for playing inside. His biggest strength is his footwork, as he sets like he isn’t anywhere near 6’5" 320. The combination of size, quickness, and positional flexibility makes me happy with Bergeron’s addition in the 2nd round.

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