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CBS has the Falcons winning 10 games and the NFC South in early projection

No other NFC South team is projected to finish above .500.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

Season predictions, especially at this time of year, are rather hard to take seriously. We have yet to even see how teams look in training camp or to assess the injuries that will inevitably happen between now and the start of the season.

However, there’s really not much else to talk about right now, so indulging in the debate seems like a good way to kill some time between now and camp. That’s what the folks at CBS figured, as they have released their initial 2023 regular season record prediction for each NFL team. They seem rather bullish on the Falcons.

The Falcons are projected to go 10-7 and to win the NFC South, with the Panthers, Saints and Buccaneers all predicted to finish below .500. It would be Atlanta’s first winning season since 2017 and their first division title since 2016.

This is what Will Brinson had to say about his projection regarding the Falcons:

Color me bullish on the Falcons this season, even with the QB depth chart consisting of Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heineicke. This roster has a real Titans-esque feel to it if the defensive veterans improve things on that side and Bijan Robinson can be a true workhorse. The Falcons actually fell to 3-4 at one point when I went through their schedule before ripping off a slew of wins. If they come out hot, this schedule sets up really well.

Atlanta seems to be a popular pick among the national media as one of the NFC’s breakout teams following their spending spree in free agency and subsequent selection of Bijan Robinson in the NFL Draft. The idea and hope is that the offseason moves, along with organic growth of young stars, will be enough to break what is now a five-year playoff draught for the Birds, their longest since the team missed the post season seven straight times between 1983-90.

Regarding the NFC as a whole, CBS has the San Francisco 49ers topping the conference, and would be slotting the Falcons anywhere between second and fourth place — depending on tiebreakers — tied with the Detroit Lions and Super Bowl runner up Philadelphia Eagles.

All we can do is wait and see if expectations are reached, as this will likely be the most anticipated Falcons season in a number of years,