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The Falcoholic Reacts results: Very few fans want Arthur Blank to sell the Falcons

The numbers are clear: Most fans approve of the job Arthur Blank is doing as the Falcons’ owner.

Super Bowl LVII - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference Photo by Peter Casey/Getty Images

Last week, we asked y’all if you would like Arthur Blank to sell the Falcons. The results are in, and the answer was overwhelmingly “no.”

Only 22 percent of Falcons fans responded that they did want to see Blank sell the team.

There are plenty of reasons fans prefer to have Arthur Blank as the Falcons’ owner. A primary one is that Blank is legitimately the best owner the Falcons have had, and it’s not close.

We also checked in with fans about their confidence in the direction the team is currently headed. It’s always fun to take a look at where confidence stands after the initial free agency frenzy settles down a bit, and this year the Falcons were pretty active.

We recently polled fans to ask for a grade of the Falcons’ free agency acquisitions (before the Calais Campbell signing), and a majority of Falcons fans gave the team a B. Some commenters mentioned that if the team did manage to bring in Campbell it would bump their grades up to an A. That might explain how confident most fans are in the current direction of this team.

I tend to agree with that 82% majority. Terry Fontenot has done a superb job of cleaning up the cap mess he inherited, the Falcons spent freely but wisely to plug roster holes in free agency, and we’ve still got the draft ahead of us.

Let us know how you feel about the results in the comments, and check back later this week for a new survey!

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