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Falcons fans grade the Bijan Robinson pick

The first three rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft are in the books, and we’re still contemplating Atlanta’s selections on Day 2. With a day to consider it under our belts, what do Falcons fans think of the selection of Bijan Robinson in the first round?

2023 NFL Draft - Portraits Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images

The first three rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft are in the books, with the Atlanta Falcons coming away with three selections: running back Bijan Robinson at 8, offensive lineman Matthew Bergeron at 38, and edge rusher Zach Harrison at 75. We’re still contemplating the team’s Day 2 picks, but we’ve had ample opportunity to discuss Bijan Robinson.

Dave Choate already compiled some of the early grades of the pick from across the internet, with the general consensus being positive with a few outlets who absolutely hated it. You can probably guess who those were. We also wanted to get an idea of what you, the fans, thought of Atlanta’s decision to draft a running back in the top 10. So we enlisted the help of our SB Nation Reacts program to ask Falcons fans their grade for the selection of Bijan Robinson.

44% of Falcons fans surveyed gave the selection of Bijan Robinson an “A”, which is actually quite a bit more than expected for such a controversial pick. The next closest grade was actually “B” at 28%, meaning a clear majority (72%) of Falcons fans view the pick in a favorable light. That leaves 14% feeling relatively neutral with a “C” grade, and only 14% in total giving the pick a failing grade.

Me personally? I’d give the pick a A. I think Bijan is one of the most talented players in the class, and I believe Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot have a clear vision for him in this offense. I think Bijan is more than a running back, and he needs to be used accordingly to get “A”-level value out of this selection.

What are your thoughts on the pick? Share your personal grade in the comments below!

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