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2023 NFL Draft: Day 3 Falcons pick tracker

The Falcons have a handful of picks left. Will they make their first seventh round selection of the Terry Fontenot era?

NFL: NFL Draft Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

We’re on to the third day of the draft. The Falcons have just three picks left, with one fairly early in the fourth round and then a pair of seventh rounders, after they made three selections in the first three rounds. From here on out, you’re looking at depth additions for Atlanta, assuming they make all three picks.

Because this promises to be a quieter day and because keeping up with an NFL-wide pick tracker is a heavy undertaking, we won’t be keeping track of every pick in round four through seven. Instead, we’ll just use this space to keep track of what the Falcons are up to.

Please do use it as your open thread for the draft, though, and discuss all your favorite picks and Saints ridicule right here.

Falcons 2023 draft selections

  • Round 1, Pick 8: RB Bijan Robinson, Texas
  • Round 2, Pick 44: OL Matthew Bergeron, Syracuse
  • Round 3, Pick 75: DL Zach Harrison, Ohio State
  • Round 4, Pick 113 (from Tennessee): CB Clark Phillips III, Utah
  • Round 7, Pick 224: S DeMarcco Hellams, Alabama
  • Round 7, Pick 225 (from Las Vegas): OL Jovaughn Gwyn, South Carolina