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Falcons NFL Draft Party 2023: Day 1, Round 1

The 2023 NFL Draft is here! Join host Kevin Knight and a star-studded crew of guests as we take you through all 31 picks in the first round with a Falcons-focused perspective. Tune in for details on our $50 NFL Shop card giveaway!

Fellow Falcoholics, the 2023 NFL Draft is finally here! As always, we’ll have you covered for all the breaking news and picks here on The Falcoholic, but we’ll also once again be providing live coverage of the event on Falcoholic Live. That’s right, our Atlanta Falcons NFL Draft Party is back and better than ever!

Join Kevin Knight and a crew of guests from The Falcoholic and elsewhere as we take you through all seven rounds from a Falcons-centric perspective. The coverage starts on Thursday at 7:30 PM ET for Day 1 (Round 1), continues on Friday at 7 PM ET for Day 2 (Rounds 2-3), and concludes on Saturday at 12 PM ET for Day 3 (Rounds 4-7).

Day 1, Round 1: Live at 7:30 PM ET

We’re also excited to announce a live NFL Shop giveaway during each day of the Draft Party. We’ll be giving away one $50 NFL Shop gift card on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3—along with a fourth $50 NFL Shop card giveaway exclusive to our supporters on Patreon.

Here’s how to enter the NFL Shop card giveaway:

  1. Subscribe to The Falcoholic on YouTube
  2. Join The Falcoholic’s Discord server
  3. Enter the giveaway during the NFL Draft Party livestream (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)
  4. Be present when the winner is announced during the NFL Draft Party livestream

We will need to confirm your Discord username with you on the livestream in order to deliver the card to the right person. To enter the Patreon giveaway, all you need to do is be an active member of our Patreon and you will be automatically entered. We’ll announce the winner on the Day 3 livestream, but you do not need to be present to win.

You can also listen to all of our video shows in an audio-only podcast format, available on all your favorite podcast platforms or by using the player below. The podcast typically posts the morning after the live show records.

If you’re interested in supporting the show, check out our Patreon page to unlock access to exclusive perks including Patron Q&A sessions, Discord perks, live shout-outs and more!

Be sure to check out the new community Discord server here! Come chat with your fellow Falcons fans about the show, the team, the NFL draft, and more.

You can watch the show here on The Falcoholic, but we recommend watching on YouTube for the best experience—including full 1080p HD video and access to the live Q&A in the chat. You can also access the show using your smart TV or device using the YouTube app for the real big-screen experience!

We hope you enjoy the show! If you have comments, we’d love to hear them. Send them to us on Twitter (@FalcoholicLive), leave them below, or e-mail the show at

Thanks for watching!