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Falcons fans are pounding the table once again for DL in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft

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Syndication: Nashville Mark Zaleski/ For The Tennessean

We’re days away from the 2023 NFL Draft, and the discourse is going at full speed. We’ve seen everyone from Bijan Robinson to Christian Gonzalez, Tyree Wilson to Nolan Smith, Tyree Wilson to Lukas Van Ness mocked to the Falcons. But what direction do fans want to see the team go in the first round?

The results from this week’s survey are in, and a majority of fans — 53 percent — want to see the team draft a defensive lineman.

Why do fans want the defensive line to be a priority, especially after the team addressed it with several signings in free agency? Let’s go to the comments.

We also asked some national questions about the draft this week. If you want to participate in those national surveys via email, you can sign up here.

Fans believe Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer is the most likely consensus first-rounder who may slip to the second round.

Perhaps the least surprising result was fans’ take on the top prospect who is the safest bet to become an NFL star: Alabama’s Will Anderson was the top pick. It’s super unlikely he’ll be available when the Falcons are on the clock at No. 8, but they should have a shot at some of the other players on this list.

Finally, we had NFL fans build out the first five picks of a mock draft. They see Bryce Young coming off the board first to the Panthers, an outcome I think is extremely likely. Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud is No. 2, Will Anderson is No. 3, Jalen Carter from UGA is No. 4, and Texas Tech’s Tyree Wilson rounds out the group at No. 5.

What do you think of these results? Which player do you think the team will snag at No. 8, or do you think they’ll trade up or back for a specific guy? Which player do you think is the surest thing at the NFL level? Weigh in below in the comment section!

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