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Falcons cut 3 players after signing Bud Dupree

Atlanta frees up some roster space ahead of the draft.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Falcons have been signing and trading for players at a pretty furious pace for weeks now, and they were getting close to the limits of the 90 man roster. With the draft looming and the team likely to add at least a couple of undrafted free agents, the team has made a handful of cuts.

On Friday, the team announced they’ve cut ties with outside linebacker Quinton Bell, defensive end Amani Bledsoe, and safety Jovante Moffatt in their article announcing the addition of Dupree.

Bell is the name you probably remember best, as he’s been on the team’s practice squad for large chunks of each of the past two seasons. A summer standout, Bell had a couple of hurries last year in four games for the Falcons, providing valuable depth with injuries piling up. He’ll likely catch on elsewhere for that ability and his special teams work.

Ditto Moffatt, who appeared in three games for the Falcons last year, primarily in a special teams role. That cut leaves the Falcons with just five players listed at safety, though they have a strong starting duo with Jessie Bates and Richie Grant.

Finally, there’s Bledsoe, who signed with the Falcons practice squad in early November. The Falcons have added so many players to the defensive line and outside linebacker group that there had to be an odd man or two out sooner than later, and it appears Bell and Bledsoe are those guys.

As is custom, we wish all three well at their next stops, and we’ll see if the Falcons make any more moves ahead of the rapidly approaching 2023 NFL Draft.