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Falcons Reacts Results: 81 percent of fans believe Atlanta wins the NFC South this season

On paper, the Falcons have had a spectacular offseason so far, and fans’ feelings about the upcoming season reflect that.

NFL Combine Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Falcons fans, we asked you which NFC South team is most likely to win the division in 2023, and y’all answered. An overwhelming majority of Falcons fans, 81 percent, believe Atlanta put itself in the best position so far this offseason to be division champs.

There are a few caveats, of course. One, fans of a team tend to be more optimistic about that team ... but I have to admit, I think that’s a little less true of the Falcons fanbase than fans of, say, the Patriots. Two, while the Falcons have taken some big swings and had a really solid free agency period so far, there’s still a lot of offseason left. Three, yes, the team has acquired a lot of talent and plugged some big roster holes, but we’ve still got to see where the rubber meets the road and what the coaching staff can get out of this talent.

Still, there’s plenty of reason for optimism, and Falcons fans are definitely feeling it.

Let’s go to the comments to see why fans think the Falcons are destined to be NFC South champs this season. Also, remember that these commenters shared their thoughts before the team traded for cornerback Jeff Okudah, a former first-round draft pick whose success with the Lions was limited by injuries but who has the potential to be solid if he stays healthy.

Why the Falcons could win the NFC South

Why the Saints could win the NFC South

I didn’t find a single comment explaining why anyone thinks the Derek Carr-led Saints can win anything, much less the division, so I have to think the Saints’ votes came from rogue Saints fans.

Why the Panthers could win the NFC South

FYI, we will also conduct this poll after the draft to see how sentiments change.

Why the Buccaneers could win the NFC South

Commenter kevin-dog didn’t really give a reason, but he does think the Bucs win the division this year easily.

Let us know what you think of the results in the comment section, and check back next week for a new draft-focused survey!

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