Draft tracker interest: trade down situation

The Falcons currently have one significant future sophomore receiver and a highly drafted Tight End who runs like a WR on the roster... the rest are benchwarmers and one FA worth re-signing in Zaccheus, who is definitely a wee little man in terms of NFL height. While I constantly root for him to make a roster, we desperately need at least one more big receiver on the outside to field an effective offense, and at least two in my humble opinion.

So, according to the recently updated tracker on the Falcoholic as of March 9th, we have only met with receiver Zay Flowers. While a technical route runner with good speed on all points of the field, it deeply concerns me the Falcons have only met with one single rookie receiver this year. That leads me to believe we'll throw money at a free agent receiver, or perhaps trade for a prolific one to pair with our two very versatile weapons in London and Pitts.

On one hand, that makes us dark horse candidates to trade for a big name like De'andre Hopkins, on the other it means we may only sign Allen Lazard... and then spend another draft pick on WR. Hopefully, we throw a little money at the underperforming but gigantic Allen Lazard AND spend a draft pick on receiver rather than trade a future pick and still have to fill out the WR room.

Either of these situations concern me. Tons of WR potential in AT Perry, Xavier Hutchinson, and Trey Palmer exist from day 2 and beyond. If we draft one of these fine players, we will need to have one more veteran to groom good WRs, and Lazard definitely doesn't fit this bill. He hasn't produced a 1,000 yard season with a top 5 all time NFL QB, and Hopkins will require a day 2 pick at least AND cap space. Hopkins can provide guidance, but that didn't matter on the WR heavy Cardinals who didn't seem to matter outside of the Nuke himself.

But the Zay Flowers meeting made me take great pause. While the litany of due diligence to top 15 picks on both sides of the ball make obvious sense, Zay Flowers is the clear outlier. He is barely worth a first round look save three WR desperate teams: the Ravens, Chargers, and Giants. The Ravens draft earliest at 23, and with Lamar on the tag, they're likely to give him a WR at their pick. The nearest WR needy team is the Packers at pick 15.

This makes me wonder if the Falcons will consider a trade back with either a WR needy team like the Packers or a QB needy team like the Commanders, sniping the other teams of their prize WR while picking up building blocks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The Commanders are a QB away from being a tough team, and Rivera may want the Newton clone that is Richardson.

Ultimately, this is speculation, based on nothing other than Zay Flowers being on our radar thanks to this report. But I find it interesting considering that only Flowers is constantly mocked outside the top 10 but inside the first round. We've talked with no other rookie WR so far. That's my logic, and that's all the speculation I have for this night.

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