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Allen Robinson floated as potential Falcons trade target

It makes sense as the Falcons have signed every former Bears player in NFL history.

Carolina Panthers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

The NFL season has entered the deluge of rumors, dot connecting, and just a bit of nonsense after the real league year kicked off with the combine. More than anywhere else during any part of the season, agents, players, coaches, general managers, and former general managers descend upon Indianapolis to start moving and shaking for the new league year. The seeds for trades, signings, cuts and more are planted in Indianapolis.

Suffice it to say, we are seeing a lot of rumors and roster setting with the NFL combine wrapping up. Players are cut, signed, and even on the block. In fact, the former Super Bowl champions Los Angeles Rams have a slew of all of the above after their nightmare season.

Near the top of that list? The 6-foot-2, 220-pound pass catcher Allen Robinson. Turning 30, Robinson flamed out in Los Angeles but has a number of impressive seasons under his belt. Most recently, multiple 1000+ yards seasons under shadow general manager Ryan Pace. So let the dot connecting begin.

Greg Auman, the NFC South reporter for Fox Sports, sure has an unusually specific scenario here (with the Rams taking on Robinson’s bonus to facilitate a trade for a low-round pick). The Falcons are still in desperate need for a WR2 behind Drake London. Last year, Fontenot went to the trade market for a WR2 and grabbed Bryan Edwards. That failed pretty quickly but Atlanta still needs to find someone to throw to. Robinson makes a lot of sense thanks to his impressive size, veteran experience, and history with Dave Ragone.

The remaining years on Robinson’s deal are quite reasonable, especially if the Falcons think he can be healthy and return to form. For example, Russell Gage averaged $10 million a year as a WR3. $12.5 million a year for Robinson at WR2 is much better, again, provided you are more confident in Robinson than Edwards.

Also interesting is the added flexibility Atlanta would gain in the draft if this roster hole is filled. Fontenot has long said he wants to fill roster holes in free agency, then draft the best available player. If he wants to do that, Fontenot will need to add at least one more wide receiver ahead of the draft.