Trade Down Options

There must be - as the saying goes - "two to tango." While I can imagine a scenario where Atlanta might want to move down a few spots to add depth and talent to the roster, they will need a team interested in moving up to 8. We typically think of QB needy teams eager to move up, but there are other teams that might be interested for other reasons.

Here are some scenarios that might cause teams to jump up.

1) Will Levis and/or Anthony Richardson fall to 8.

It's unlikely that they both do as Carolina, Houston and Indy seem destined to draft a signal caller. But one could and that would create a huge opening for a QB needy team. Which teams?

#11 Tennessee - Malik Willis looked overmatched last year and Ryan Tannehill's window looks to be closing there. If they felt strongly that Levis or Richardson was their future at QB, they could draft him. However, they would have to be worried that another team might jump the que to grab him.

#15 New England - I can't see Belichek doing this, but no one knows what that cagey mofo is going to do at any moment.

#16 Washington - Clear need at QB, but would Atlanta want to move down that far?

2) Someone needs a LT

This could be the lever that makes a trade down happen. A legit LT is worth trading up for. If Las Vegas takes a LT off the board at 7 - certainly possible - then suddenly a LT hungry team could worry about a run on blindside protectors.

#11 Tennessee - There they are again. The Titans have seen almost their entire OL leave or retire. Making sure they get a young building block on that line could tempt them to move up. Skoronski makes so much sense for them.

#13 NY Jets - Presuming they do land Aaron Rodgers, they still need to give the old dope fiend some protection. Would Rodger's price leave them without the goods to trade up?

#16 Washington - Again another possible partner. They have a huge need there, and they might want to get ahead of Tennessee and maybe Chicago.

3) Defensive player

This seems the least likely. If there's an amazing defender at 8 (Carter, Wilson, Gonzalez) why wouldn't Atlanta draft him? I suppose any team could convince itself, but doesn't seem likely.


So the most likely teams that Atlanta might want to trade with would be TEN, NYJ, NE and WAS. What could the return be?

Tennessee: 2023 1st and 3rd rounder for ATL 1st

NYJ: 1st and 2nd rounder for ATL 1st and 4th

NE: 1st 3rd and 4th for ATL 1st (Again, seems unlike Belichek)

WAS: 1st and 2nd for ATL 1st and 4th

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