APPROACHING END to OFF-SEASON - Filling Roster Spots & Upgrades

Following the Falcons’ robust free agency thus far, they are reducing the number of remaining holes and getting to the next phase of identifying areas for improvement.

Free Agent signings by position: 34OLB (SAM/JACK) Carter; FS – Bates; P – Pinion; TE2 Jonnu Smith; RT – McGary; QB2 Heinecke; TE3 Hesse; NCB Hughes; CB5 Armstrong; NT Goldman; OLB (JACK/SAM Elliss; WR2/3 Hollins; FB K. Smith; Backup OT/OG Ifedi; OLB/ST Tae Davis.

Remaining Holes: LG / WRS / 43DE-EDGE / MIKE LB / NCB

Upgrades Desired: QB3 / OC / RB3 / BCB

Targets @ #8: Anderson / Carter / Wilson / Murphy


All four targets were off the Board at #8. Philly came calling trading #10 + #30 for #8 + #75. The Eagles picked WR Quentin Johnston. Atlanta didn’t want a BPA (WR) at #10, so they took a trade down with NE. The Pats traded #14 + #76 + #117 for #10 and they drafted QB Will Levis at #10. Let the draft begin for the Falcons

1P14 - CB Devin Witherspoon (IL) (BPA) – Eventual starting RCB.

1P30 - LG O’Cyrus Torrence (UFL)– Behemoth starting LG for the new Falcons.

2P44 - DE/EDGE Tuli Tuipulotu (USC) – Versatile 34DE, 43DE edge rusher

2P46 - MIKE Jack Campbell (IU) – Starting Middle LB with All-Pro ceiling.

3P76 - WR Trey Palmer (NEB) – WR3 Starting Z-receiver.

4P110 - NT Keeanu Benton (WIS) – Excellent rotational NT who excelled at Senior Bowl.

4P113 - WRS Nathaniel Dell (HOU) – Speedy Slot Receiver and great route runner!

4P117 - OC Ricky Stromberg (ARK) – Solid SEC Center to compete with Dalman.

5P159 - LB Dorian Williams (TUL) – Excellent WILL to compete with Anderson and T. Davis.

7P224 - QB3 Stetson Bennett (UGA) – An experienced upgrade over Woodside and Franks.

7P225 - RB3 DeWayne McBride (UAB) – Feldman Freak w/ 1,700+ yards at >7.3 yds/carry.

I think this fills the holes and offers some roster upgrades as well. Your thoughts?

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