Lamar Jackson

Here's a little caveat for everyone to think about. I'll preface by saying that this is a neutral point that I'm making, meaning I'm not arguing for or against, but I heard this on XM yesterday and it's a very good point.

Baltimore does not want to pay what Lamar wanted, so they franchised him. What this means is that he can shop himself, but the Ravens have to right to match whatever offer that's made to him. So, if he gets an offer for 5 years at 250 million, then the Ravens can say they'll match that, and then they'll have him locked down and the front office doesn't have to talk to him again for five years.

I've seen two different reports of what the Ravens offered him: 5 years at $250 million, but with only $133 million guaranteed, and another that said 3 years, $133 million fully guaranteed. Maybe they're two perspectives of the same offer, maybe two different offers were made, or maybe they're not right at all. Either way, he wants more than they offered.

Essentially, Lamar will trap himself in Baltimore if he entertains any offers that the Ravens might match. This is why I don't think he's going to take any realistic offers this year.

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