3 Drafts after the first day of tampering.

I just ran several mock drafts through the 5th round. My main takeaway from these drafts is what we've all been expecting: Our FA acquisitions really allow us to just try to add as much talent as possible.

In the 1st draft, I emphasized trading down and the trenches, and was fairly pleased with how the offense and defense got a talent infusion, in addition to picking up a 3rd and a 4th in 2024.

The 2nd draft was fairly strong, but I didn't love my options for addressing the offensive line. Still, I would be fairly happy with the end haul, which included a 5th and 6th in 2024.

The 3rd draft I had determined to not trade back, to see how much value I could land if we stay pat. Luckily (unrealistically?), Jalen Carter fell to us, and we ended up with a stellar infusion of talent. Our defense would get a monster in Carter, a potential star in Ojulari, and THT is looking like a really good mid round corner pick to me.

What do you think?