Free Agency Fallout, First Round Speculation

The Falcons' wish list has been as follows: resign our elite right guard Chris Lindstrom, sign an elite DB, get another DT to pair with Grady, fix the o-line for years to come, and get that final big, ugly, mean, mauling DE to set the edge. Some wanted to upgrade at QB by trading for Lamar Jackson, others wanted to pay for McGary, and I personally want two more WRs - a possession receiver and a deep threat. Other needs at linebacker and slot CB exist, and positions like center deserve an upgrade as of Monday, March 13th.

Fortunately, the front office delivered on major needs, signing former Saints DT David Onyemata and OLB missile Kaden Ellis to make matter worse for the Saints and the other two NFC South teams. We resigned Lindstrom for another five years at a "max deal," got an elite Safety in Bates, and resigned our fullback and punter. That leaves us with major needs at DE, and just a few holes at LG, C, RT, WR2, and deep threat WR.

The good news, we can solve the LG and C problem in camp thanks to the amount of veterans vying for the position. We can easily draft a replacement for either in the third, but issues remain.

Compare that to the defensive issues, where I hope the first round pick goes to the long armed Tyree Wilson, who can set the edge in running games, or be the wide 9 for pass rushing downs. If Wilson is gone, say to the Lions or Raiders, we have the opportunity to take Carter as a DT, or can punt at DE for a myriad of CBs. After all, we need a CB (and likely will need another early CB thanks to Heyward getting cut, as is Atlanta tradition)., and outside of DE, only CB is worth the 8th pick. That means only a few other options remain at such a pick:

Take Skoronski and make him a guard. This frees up a few FA dollars to spend elsewhere.

Draft a RT in Wright or make Broderick Jones a tackle. Either is not ideal for the Falcons, but worth it to solve a major problem on one side of the ball.

I hope Tyree Wilson will last to the Falcons, and we can fill out problems past his pick. Option two would be to take the short armed ferocity Skoronski as a right guard. Option 3 is an elite CB to replace old man Heyward.

The Falcons have a lucrative amount of options in this draft, and can go in a myriad of directions because of need. This makes the Falcons an unusually annoying team to draft against, trade against, and build against. The future is bright, and is rising up.

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