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Falcons QB Marcus Mariota to be featured on new Netflix series, ‘Quarterback’

Mariota will be featured alongside Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. The series premieres this summer.

Atlanta Falcons v Washington Commanders Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

File this under news I absolutely did not see coming: Marcus Mariota will be featured on a new Netflix series called ‘Quarterback’ that will premiere this summer.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins will be featured alongside Mariota in the series, which marks the first partnership between Netflix and the NFL.

The league allowed these quarterbacks to be mic’d up for every single game this season, and the series will show behind-the-scenes details of each quarterback’s journey through the 2022 season. For Mahomes, that path led him to the 2022 MVP award, another Lombardi Trophy, and a Super Bowl MVP. For Cousins, the biggest comeback in NFL history against the Colts was one stop on his trek to the NFC North title. And for Mariota...well, we already know how it all went down, but it will be interesting to see Mariota’s reactions to the 2022 season.

Peyton Manning, former NFL quarterback and current executive producer for Omaha Productions, which co-produced ‘Quarterback’ with 2PM Productions and NFL Films, said the series will give fans insight into what it’s like to be a starting quarterback

“Playing quarterback in the NFL is a unique experience that has some pretty incredible ups and downs,” said Peyton Manning. “Thanks to this collaboration with our partners at NFL Films, 2PM Productions and Netflix, fans will be given a unique and intimate look at what life is like as a starting QB.”

Look for the series on Netflix in Summer 2023.