Marco's Pre-season Mock Draft 1.0

About half of the fanbase hates mocks as a rule. A pre-season mock would certainly seem even more futile. But some of us like them. For those of us that use the exercise to gain familiarity with the draftable players, it’s worthwhile. Here goes my first one...

Assumptions: With 5 games remaining, these are highly likely to change.

--- At this point it appears the fanbase is planning for the addition of a starting QB through Trade, F/A or the draft.

--- Other than QB, EDGE (DE/OLB) should be the number one Falcons objective.

--- Competition OR depth is needed at these positions: WR2, CB, NT, SS, ILB, OC/OG, and OT (for future). ----- Only 3 position groups appear to be locked... RB, TE, and FS.

--- The Falcons are currently drafting at #19.


Draft (


Atlanta trades #19 + 149 to Jacksonville for #26 + #57.


1P26 - QB Jayden Daniels (LSU) - 6’2" / 185 lbs

- #1 QB and #1 player on the Board (#21) when picked. Daniels should be a riser in the draft process.

2P53 - DE/EDGE Bralen Trice (UW) - 6’3" / 269 lbs

- #1 EDGE / #9 player on the Board when picked. Trice has the size and strength to reach 1st round.

2P57 - OC/OG Sedric Van Pran (UGA) - 6’3" / 310 lbs

- #1 OC and #2 player on the Board when picked. I expect him to reach the back end of the 1st round.

3P84 - WRF Johnny Wilson (FSU) - 6’6" / 240 lbs

- #3 WR and #13 player on the Board when picked. His stock may have fallen since QB Travis got injured.

4P115 - OLB/EDGE Jonah Elliss (Utah) - 6’2" / 246 lbs

- #1 EDGE and #8 player on the Board when picked. Younger brother of Kaden would be a great addition.

4P121 - ILB Jamon Dumas-Johnson (UGA) - 6’1" / 245 lbs

- #1 ILB + #25 player on the Board when picked. I'm very surprised to see him here.. He’s top-50 IMO.

6P182 - NT Fabien Lovett (FSU) - 6’4" / 328 lbs

- #1 NT and #6 DT on the Board when picked. After bowl season against UGA, we may see him rise a LOT in the draft.

6P189 - S Malachi Moore (UAL) - 6’0" / 198 lbs

- #8 Safety on the Board when picked. Moore’s talent may well land him the late 2nd day discussion.


One can always dream!

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