One NFL game will make you question if it's the Quarterback or is it the COACH?

Let's set aside whether or not you believe in Desmond Ridder; in fact let's not even mention him or Taylor Heineke moving forward in this Fanpost. Let's talk about a quarterback that was once 2-5 but has gone 4-1 since then. This quarterback was at one time considered to be among the worst in the NFL and NO ONE HERE would have taken him over you know who. This previously maligned quarterback recently had these statistics against one of the NFLs' best teams with a good defense:

25-36 69,4% 267 yards 3 TDS 0 Ints 118.6 rating. So who was this player with those impressive statistics?


But isn't Love a terrible quarterback? If you watched the Packers-Chiefs game, you watched LaFleur utilize the West Coast Offense in the way that it was designed, with Sprint Right Option, crossing routes, inbreaking routes and wheel routes; essentially everything that Arthur Smith does not do. Who are the Packers' stars? Quick, name their receivers. Romeo Dobbs and Christian Watson are far from household names but they defeated the Chiefs; a team that would be one that most would count as a loss.

So, the question is...Why? Why as in why doesn't the Falcons offense look as sleek under Arthur Smith and further, how much of the struggles of the offense are due to HIM, even if you acknowledge the struggles of the quarterbacks.

Maybe it's time to put the onus on who is fundamentally responsible for the misfiring offense instead of constantly berating and scapegoating the quarterback.

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