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How are Falcons fans feeling about the team’s first-place push?

The possibility of hosting a playoff game isn’t exactly all that appealing for an exhausted fan base.

NFL: DEC 10 Buccaneers at Falcons Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

To make the playoffs for the first time since 2017 would be massive for the Falcons as an organization. It would be a long-awaited return to the big stage. While the scenario isn’t all that appealing facing one of the top three teams in the NFC between Philadelphia or Dallas, the opportunity to be on a big stage is needed for a team that has been off the national radar for several years.

For all the clamor about winning the division within the organization, it won’t have much effect on the overall feeling about the team as a whole. Fans are getting weary of being optimistic about a team that consistently commits self-inflicted mistakes and turns the ball over at an alarming rate. Any possibility of finding an offensive rhythm and seeing rising stars make explosive plays quickly gets overshadowed by the team’s inability to play fundamental football. They beat themselves and, most concerningly, fail to learn from their mistakes. Only 19% of fans are confident about where the Falcons are headed. It’s understandable, given the alarming inconsistency and failure to beat mediocre teams consistently on a hugely favorable schedule.

The displeasure about the team’s direction has fans conflicted about seeing the team in the playoffs. As wonderful as meaningful football in mid-January sounds, is it worth the moment when the team isn’t equipped to be competitive at the highest level? The possibility of having another top ten pick is more enticing, given the young talent emerging on the roster with a solid group of veterans. More fans would prefer the highest draft pick possible over the opportunity to host a playoff game. In a season filled with harsh realities, that’s got to be one of the biggest indictments of what Arthur Smith’s tenure in Atlanta has become. For what was supposed to be a year where this team had to win and make the playoffs, the growing sense is another high draft pick would be more beneficial for the team’s long-term vision.

What would you like to see the Falcons accomplish by the end of the season?

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