The Braintrust Doesn’t Care, and Realistically They Don’t Have To

If you’ve seen a any of the posts I’ve made in the past, you know how I feel about this organization. It can’t be any more clearly laid out that the issues start upstairs. They always have. This past Sunday has somehow felt somewhat different however. It’s as though the feelings surrounding this franchise’s ineptitude have been further cemented. I want to see this team win so much, this is my hometown, however it just continues to seem like an impossible task. Historically speaking, this is one of the worst professional sports franchises ever. Statistically, there are so many anomalies surrounding this team that should be impossible to reach yet we continue to lower the bar for how inept a front office can be. I’ve tried to avoid putting it all on Blank, but considering where we are now he and McKay are the constants that our failures seems to surround. Though it will likely never happen, things are at a point where all I can say is that the team needs to be sold. I’ve said before that there is some likelihood, though small, that this team will be forced to relocate and/or rebrand. I’ve seen so many articles and stories about coaches who "don’t want the job". What does that say about this team from a business standpoint? Where do we go from here? If no significant change will be made that can push this franchise over the hump, what are we doing?

The valuation of the franchise has increased dramatically over the past 10 years. At the end of the day, this is nothing more than another business venture for a billionaire. He and his family are in a position where they don’t have to care about anything other than profitability of this team from a business perspective. If the team continues to increase in value whether we win anything or not, why should the braintrust of the organization care? What incentive do they have to worry about how the fans feel? Most of the people who live in Atlanta aren’t from here anyways. They likely support other teams, who are also likely more successful.

My point in all of this is… we’ve been shown how important winning is to those in positions to make that possible. It would seem to me that we’re numbers and ticket sales and not much more than that to this team’s management. Never an apology or accountability for the decades of disappointment, just empty promises and false hope at the beginning of every season while they beg us to purchase PSLs and brag about cheap concessions. Maybe someday someone will care enough.

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