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Falcons vs. Vikings Week 9 open thread

Here we go.

Jamal Anderson #32...

Every game is important, but certain games take on that additional sheen of urgency and criticality. This is one of them.

The 4-4 Falcons just parked Desmond Ridder for Taylor Heinicke, perhaps permanently, and now face a 4-4 Vikings team starting rookie Jaren Hall. Atlanta is home, and while they’re down a few key players, this is a winnable game for a squad that hasn’t found its footing for any length of time. It’s pretty important that they do so now, while they’re still holding a slight edge in the NFC South, or they risk a season-long stumble that would be bitterly disappointing for a team with heightened expectations.

We’ll be watching them try to get there today. Please use this as your open thread for the game, and go Falcons!