How about sending some positive energy to Desmond Ridder and see what happens?

It seems incredible, to paraphrase a post by IceFalcon, that some people would rather see someone fail, just to be right. There seems to be a huge contingent of people on the Falcoholic that have had nothing but bad things to say concerning Desmond Ridder from the outset; even discounting the good that he did/has done while magnifying his mistakes threefold. To them he is horrible, not even an NFL backup and other statements filled with vitriol. Ridder has made egregious mistakes at times this season, yet he still is little more than a first-year player after his 13th start.

While he may not be the future of the Falcons, some are unwilling to even give him the remainder of the season to either prove or disprove that assertion before passing judgement. Truthfully the future of the Falcons may be in a player not on the team, rather a free agent or draft pick but who knows the future? At this moment Ridder is the only quarterback on the roster with a winning record and since he will be the starter for the remainder of the season, is the only hope of the team for the playoffs, like it or not.

Because of this I propose a novel idea: Why not try sending positive energy toward Ridder instead of constant negativity and criticism? It cannot hurt to be more positive, and negativity helps nothing. It may sound farfetched, but I believe that negative or positive energy when focused, impacts outcomes. When the announcer says, "He hasn't missed a kick all year." and the next one is a miss, could it be the focused energy due to the statement that causes the inevitable miss? Again, that could be pseudo-science but what if that energy actually has power?

Why not try that tact instead of constantly hoping for him to fail (and you know who you are who are doing so) as IceFalcon said, in order to be right.

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