OK...let's fix these Falcons

Pay Cousins, draft future QB, Ridder to practice squad.

Draft defense (obviously) and pay 1 free agent defender (after paying cousins, thats all we may be able to afford)

Hire an offensive mind to help with the OC/HC play scheming/play calling.

This plan hinges on us winning at least 4 of our remaining 7 games (if we split the nfc south- going 2-2) we would need to beat 2 of the 3 remaining (Jets, Colts, Bears)

This puts us at 8-9... a 6% increase in wins- but against a softer schedule --both a disappointment and 3rd losing year in a row.

I know many want AS gone- but in my remedy mentioned above- he stays and the addition of Cousins, additional offensive minded coach/analyst/guru and defensive heavy draft with 1 more free agent addition pushes this adequate roster to 10-7 or 11-6.

If we fail, we can tear it all down and start over.

Probably shouldnt ask this but.... "Is anybody on board with this?"-- If not, please provide your specific solution and when we can expect to be back in the postseason...

Go Falcons!

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