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AJ Terrell returns to game after concussion evaluation

The corner had an awkward tackle on a runner.

Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Atlanta’s top corner, and arguably its top defender, went down late in the second quarter during an awkward tackle. AJ Terrell was in the process of shedding a block to tackle tthe Houston runner. His tackle ended up lower than you’d want, with his head tacking a bad angle. His legs got a bit twisted up in the whole process before he spun on the ground like a top.

The whole thing was unusual.

All of the above is to say it isn’t clear what Terrell’s injury was. He spent some time laying on the field before making his way to the blue medical tent. There’s no word on his injury at this point as we want for an update on his status.

Terrell was replaced with Mike Hughes. Outside of Terrell, both Jeff Okudah and Dee Alofrd have been having solid games.

Update: Terrell was checked for a concussion. The independent doctors cleared Terrell and approved him to return. Terrell should be back for the entirety of the second half.