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Bijan Robinson’s workload vs. Buccaneers is lighter due to illness

At least it’s a better explanation than “we’re not playing fantasy football.”

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Bijan Robinson’s seen the field for a few snaps against the Buccaneers, but hasn’t touched the ball. So of course there’s been plenty of speculation about why Robinson’s being limited on Sunday.

Was he benched? Does he have an undisclosed injury, or did he get hurt during warmups? Did he break team rules? None of the above.

We now know that Robinson’s a little under the weather, and that’s why his workload’s been lighter in Tampa Bay.

What I don’t understand is: If Bijan isn’t feeling well, why is he playing at all? If he’s not feeling 100%, and his head is even remotely seems like the likelihood of injury would increase. And I don’t think that’s worth the risk for him to be a decoy on a few snaps. But I am not in charge of this football team, so here we are.

Robinson joined the Falcons on the eighth overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. He has 401 rushing yards on 80 carries, and 189 receiving yards and two touchdowns on 32 targets.