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Vote for Tyler Allgeier for FedEx Ground Player of the Week

A solid day on the ground has Tyler Allgeier up for a weekly award.

Alex Slitz/Getty Images

It doesn’t happen too often here in Atlanta, but the Atlanta Falcons have a player up for FedEx Air & Ground Player of the Week. This time, it’s running back Tyler Allgeier.

Allgeier, along with Zack Moss of the Indianapolis Colts and Kenneth Walker of the Seattle Seahawks, were standouts in Week 18, and the NFL is asking fans to vote on who the week’s top rusher is.

In Week 18, Allgeier averaged 5.6 yards per carry and recorded 135 yards on 24 rushing attempts. Outside of being up for the weekly honor, Allgeier made some other notable season-long accomplishments in Week 18. With his 1,035 yards on the ground in 2022-2023, Allgeier set the new Falcons’ rookie rushing record and became the first player from Brigham Young University, also known as BYU, to rush for over 1,000 yard in a season.

It’s definitely a great way to finish his first season in the NFL, and I recommend voting for Allgeier this week, which you can do by clicking here or voting in the Tweet posted above. As of this writing, Allgeier is second in voting and could use your vote!