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This may be the final opportunity for the Falcons to beat Tom Brady

Brady may never retire, but if he does this is the last crack at him.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Falcons have endured plenty of tough times over the past two decades, and I don’t need to kick this article off by rehashing any of them. Suffice to say that they have had enough woes that Tom Brady does not rank as the top one, but the fact that he’s still in the conversation should tell you what a pain in the ass he has been.

Brady is a perfect 10-0 against the Falcons, one of five teams he’s undefeated against and by far the opponent on that list he has won the most against. He has 27 touchdowns and three interceptions in those games, and basically every time Atlanta has played Brady it has been painful, and that’s without mentioning a certain game cough cough. This Sunday will be the 11th and perhaps final time the Falcons will have to face him.

It also might be their last opportunity to win a game against the heavily botoxed quarterback. Brady may retire this offseason or bounce to the AFC—he’s been linked to the Patriots and Raiders, previously expressed an interest in Miami, and could follow Sean Payton somewhere—or he might just be back and infesting the NFC again. We have no way of knowing, but we do know here is an opportunity to end an ignominious streak against a very annoying man to cap off an up-and-down 2022 season.

There’s not a lot to play for Sunday besides pride, but beating Brady would certainly make the victory sweeter. Let’s see if the Falcons can finally get the job done.