On Ryan Nielsen and who he could bring in

Alright we have a DC! Despite what may feel like a downgrade, Ryan Nielsen has worked well to be at minimum a great D Line coach.

Does that translate to being a good DC? No or at least, I don't know. The Saints a base 4-3 with some looks at a 4-2-5. One hallmark is the need for having two great safeties from Mathieu to Gardner-Johnson. A lot of pre-snap disguises on coverage. Okay but what about the line? Well expect aggressiveness. That means a front four to get together QB while the linebackers will be playing a guessing game on where they play will be. Oh Deion Jones where are you?

Will this be the Falcon defense moving forward??? I don't know. But for us to succeed, the passive nature we had towards the 1st half of games will need to go away. And for the love of all that is holy, get to the QB.

What about personnel? Who will Nielsen bring in?

Well, thats where it gets interesting. Back in early 2021, Sean Payton blocked Nielsen from leaving to be a defensive coordinator with LSU and apparently he's VERY close to Ed Orgeron. Orgeron is currently not coaching but, would the idea of coaching DL line for football work for him? Maybe.

Now remember Orgeron lead the Burrow/Chase LSU Tigers to an undefeated season. Some of the line guys there thats now available for the 2023 draft? Siaki Ika.

Orgeron also ran a 3-4 defense so its not too far fetched that if Nielsen hires his buddy Orgeron that the 3-4 stays with Ika a potential draft pick Siaki Ika.

Just sharing some thoughts on what we could be looking at.

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